Daily Bus Route Schedule

FIXED ROUTE SERVICE - Daily Bus Route Schedule

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Pardon our progress, we are working on updating the Interactive Bus Route schedules

For your convenience, Click here for the Downloadable/Printable Fixed Route Bus Schedules. If you need assistance in viewing this, please call 475-4686.

No service provided on SUNDAY's.

No service provided on certain HOLIDAYS. View List Here.


This is a useful tool if you would like to plan your trip. 

1. Choose the stop from where you want to catch the bus.
2. Choose where you want to go. This would be your FINAL destination, as the system would help you make "connections" from one Bus Line to another.
3. Choose your preferred time. The system will show you the next departure time closest to your preferred time.

Results will display below, once you click "View Trip Information".  Have a great day!


Means multiple Lines depart from this Stop. This stop can be used to connect Lines.
Means this is a Terminal. All Lines depart from here.